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WELCOME to our "state of the art" periodontal office!

Your oral health is a huge step forward to your overall health, attitude, safety, and well-being. Let us get you there.

Everyone here is healthy, and our wish is that you all are healthy and safe as well. Our entire staff has received the Moderna vaccine and those qualified boosted as well!

Dr Boretsky's office policy "is" and always "has been" to not only meet health/safety standards & patient expectations, but to "exceed" them.

We look forward to seeing you and getting you and your families healthy, comfortable, and confident.

See you soon!


Practice limited to Periodontics (Gum Diseases) and Dental Implants in Columbus, GA.

Our mission is to further our reputation as a leading periodontal and dental implant practice in Georgia by blending clinical excellence, advanced technology, and old-fashioned caring. This fusion allows our patients to enhance their health, improve their appearance, and live with increased confidence. Our goal is clear-cut: to not only meet our patients' expectations - but to exceed them.

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Periodontal Services

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Bone / Tissue Regeneration Oral Disinfection Tooth Cleaning
Cosmetic Dentistry Columbus GA dentist Dental Implants Columbus GA dentist
No Cut, No Sew, No Fear
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